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It was a GREAT experience. The moderator was such a professional. She asked perfect questions and knew what I was saying. Overall, total pleasure. Thanks! (Sean R., Atlanta Buckhead)

The staff with Focus Group is excellent. They are attentive, efficient, and professional. The facilities are also outstanding, with convenient parking and access. (Tom A., Atlanta Clairmont)

I think that it is great that you get the public's opinions prior to producing a commercial. When you think about it, it is the public who would be buying it anyway. Great experience for me and look forward to doing more. (Susan D., Bala Cynwyd)

I was very happy to participate in today's focus group. The moderator was very nice and kept us on track while allowing me to feel comfortable to say anything. He really promoted a safe and, in my mind, productive environment. I hope my input was helpful and again, thank you for letting me participate. (Adrian V., Boston)

I was highly interested in the topic, so the resulting comments from others in the group were enlightening for me. I thank you for the opportunity and hope I can be chosen again to take part in another focus group. (Victoria E., Chicago)

Such an amazing group of moms. It felt good to have our opinions heard about what we would like our children to play and learn with. (Jennifer W., Chicago Oak Brook)

It was an awesome experience. I was able to stay for a small round table discussion and loved being able to discuss and pitch out ideas/thoughts. It made me feel important. And let's be honest, who doesn't like to feel important from time to time? Can't wait for my next experience! (Kevin L., Columbus)

It's very exciting being a part of the early stages of production. It's very intriguing to see and understand the thought process. It actually makes you appreciate the brand because of their willingness to listen to the public. (Brittani M., Dallas)

This was my first time in joining one of your panels and I really enjoyed the experience. The moderator did a great job putting people at ease and getting a great discussion going. I believe everyone felt free to share their opinions in an honest way. (Siv B., Kansas City)

EVERYONE is so professional at FPG, Santa Monica - thanks SO much! (Silvia L., Los Angeles)

I had a good experience today! The research was interesting, and the people working there were friendly and helpful. I would enjoy participating in future focus groups at Focus Pointe. (Mary G., Minneapolis)

I thought the questions, set up and content was very enjoyable and open. I thought the moderator was engaging and funny. He was able to push for answers in a way that did not make us feel we were being singled out or targeted. Plus, I love sharing my opinion on products and services! Thank you! (Constance J., New York City)

I enjoyed conversing with my fellow participants, and I had a great first experience. The moderator was very well mannered, and I thought he did a nice job making everyone feel comfortable. I would definitely enjoy coming back to participate in other focus groups. (Alexander C., Philadelphia)

It was an interesting topic, the participants were all intelligent, articulate people and the moderator kept it on track but allowed a little humor here and there. It didn't seem like I was in there for two hours. (Patrick F., Phoenix)

The moderator for the group I attended this evening was great-good sense of humor, professional and good energy & enthusiasm. The front office staff was friendly, and I appreciate there was food available, as this was 3 hours long and during the "dinner hour". This was a positive experience! (Tina S., San Francisco)

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The study was run in a very organized manner. The directions were clear and easy to follow. Most importantly, it was just fun and interesting to taste and evaluate the different samples. (Lisa S., St Louis)

I loved the general feeling of being in a professional environment where I can make my opinions matter for your marketing needs. Thank you very much for your service! (Kevin S., Teaneck)

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