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The staff at the Focus Pointe Buckhead location are the most professional and fun group. I really enjoyed the entire experience from the time I walked in the door! (Lillia D., Atlanta Buckhead)

The moderator who led the taste test was very efficient and pleasant, all at the same time. She took care of a lot of us with no issues. I find your employees wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity. (Lola S., Atlanta Clairmont)

The staff is wonderful, your greatest asset. The office was very comfortable and clean too. The moderator was very helpful and led the focus group very professionally. It was a great experience. Thanks for having me! (David., Bala Cynwyd)

Pleasant atmosphere. Thoughtful and knowledgeable participants. Enjoying the opportunity to explore and discuss with others from different areas. (Tami A., Boston)

This focus group was well thought out from beginning to end. Especially the moderator. She had many thought provoking questions, that in turn engaged the entire group. She was a consummate professional throughout the entirety. I really enjoyed this focus group experience. (Marie D., Chicago)

It was well organized and done well. The staff was very friendly. I hope to get selected for more focus groups. I will suggest this to friends and relatives. (Leonard K., Chicago Oak Brook)

It is obvious that the moderator is excellent at his job. He was engaging, a great listener, and put me at ease from the get-go. His enthusiasm, concern in what I had to say, and rapport were wonderful, too! (Susan L., Columbus)

My experience was awesome! I really enjoyed each participant. It was awesome seeing how different everyone opinions were. It was an awesome focus group. I hope my creativity helped enlighten and bring them a little closer to their decision. (Taneika W., Dallas)

I always enjoy participating in the focus studies. It is interesting hearing different views on a subject and meeting new people. Keep ‘em coming. (Cherie E., Kansas City)

I had a great experience - everyone was so professional and everything ran smoothly - like clockwork. Thank you for the focus group and look forward to doing more with FPG! (Cynthia H., Los Angeles)

I thought the moderator did an excellent job in explaining the subject material, asking us what we individually thought, and keeping the roundtable study moving forward. I thought your front desk individuals, who helped us check in and got us back to the research room, were excellent in making us feel welcome, in explaining what we had to fill out and what we had to do, and in thanking us for coming down to take the study. (Harry E., Minneapolis)

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the focus group. As well as having fun I truly was given an opportunity to re-evaluate some of the decisions I previously made. Very informative. Once again, thanks much!! (Christine M., New York City)

Greatly enjoyed my experience!! Your staff was well organized and professional from the screening call, notification, email reminders, sign in, hosting, payment and at sign out!! Please continue to invite me for focus groups. (Harry F., Philadelphia)

I think the staff did an amazing job overall. From beginning to end, I felt very comfortable. Thank you for the opportunity. (Matthew R., Phoenix)

This was by far the best focus group that I have attended. The activities made it easier for everyone to provide input and created a calm, comfortable environment. (Margarita M., San Francisco)

The moderator was professional, efficient, and inviting. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing views similar and extremely different from mine in an environment that welcomed honesty. (Patrice W., St Louis)

This was a wonderful experience; I really thought my opinions were heard and honored. Also, we had a great moderator! She kept the conversation interesting and topical. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity! (Dominique M., Teaneck)

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