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Great overall experience! From the beginning, until the study was completed, I was very satisfied and felt great giving my opinion on the topics! Thanks! (Ryan Z., Atlanta Buckhead)

I enjoyed my first experience in a focus group. It was more mentally challenging than I would have thought. I would do it again as it helps me step out of my comfort zone. (Amy J., Atlanta Clairmont)

This was a fun experience! The staff was great! A worthy topic, that needs great attention too! (Kelly Z., Bala Cynwyd)

We had a terrific moderator. I enjoyed the experience very much so and look forward to participating in another focus group soon! (Leah H., Boston)

This was my first time participating in a focus group. I was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and open the participants and moderator were. One of the ladies even gave me some solid life advice. Thanks for the experience! (Jessica Z., Chicago)

I love participating in the focus group. I wish I could attend frequently. I am looking forward to being invited again. (Devin L., Chicago Oak Brook)

Your moderator was very good at managing the panel members' participation and contrasting their diverse points of view. The attendees were respectful of each other’s views and were therefore rather open in expressing and explaining their opinions. This was a very informative and enjoyable experience. (Timothy C., Columbus)

The front desk staff were very pleasant and had a good sense of humor, it helped make for a fun evening. (Norman B., Dallas)

I had a good time with this focus group and would love to do more in the future! (Andy P., Kansas City)

The moderators were really kind, funny, and they knew what they were doing. I had a great time at the focus group tonight. Thank you. (Anna R., Los Angeles)

Awesome experience! The team was very friendly and seemed like they really cared about what I said. They made the taste testing fun! (Nicole B., Minneapolis)

It was like getting a behind the scenes look at new ideas. I hope our opinions term into positive results for the company. I'd welcome the opportunity to participate in more focus groups. (Nichole A., New York City)

I had a great time! I really enjoyed working with the other participants; hearing their opinions definitely helped me better formulate my own. I didn't realize marketing and advertising could be so fun! Thank you for the opportunity. (Samantha A., Philadelphia)

It was such a good experience! I enjoyed the topic, I liked hearing everyone's points of view, and sharing my opinion. I certainly hope to have more positive experiences like this one. Great experience. (Emily R., Phoenix)

This was by far the best focus group that I have attended. The activities made it easier for everyone to provide input and created a calm, comfortable environment. (Margarita M., San Francisco)

Always fun to comment on new products, meeting others and of course earning some spending money!! These also make you feel like a part of the decisions making process of a big picture. Our consumer opinion is actually important!! (Susan A., St Louis)

That by far was one of the best studies I have done!! Enjoyed material we discussed and the moderator was wonderful to work with. (Angela T., Teaneck)

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