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Quality environment, staff, and friendly attendees made my experience with Focus Pointe a positive one. Thanks again for the opportunity. I always enjoy the easy process for entry, parking, and check-out that Focus Pointe Global provides! (Lawrence L., Atlanta Buckhead)

This was the most informative survey I have ever been a part of. I just wish that more people could have witnessed all of the life experiences and revelations that coexisted in the room. Very enlightening and informative topic!!! (Charles B., Atlanta Clairmont)

Yes, great night! Very interesting and informative. (Linda T., Bala Cynwyd)

It was really nice chatting with my colleagues as well as providing input into technology that may help our day to day duties. Thanks for the opportunity! (Vicky J., Boston)

I had a wonderful experience yesterday at the "skin care" survey in downtown Chicago. The location was perfect, the staff was friendly, professional and prompt, and the survey itself was interesting. I look forward to more opportunities in the future! Thank you very much! (Jamie I., Chicago)

Love the atmosphere! The employees were nice and welcoming and the process was awesome. (Amanda C., Chicago - Oak Brook)

This was my first time doing this -- and it was a blast! Super fun to be a part of the marketing process, to think that my comments/observations count, and to learn about a new product (which I intend to try!) (Becky M., Columbus)

I'd like to compliment y’all on an extremely friendly and non-pressured presentation. From the Greeter to the Interviewer, everyone were upbeat and poised to be helpful. My interviewer was engaging and patient and kept me feeling open and at ease. Had a great time, thank you. (Jessalu W., Dallas)

Thought it was a fantastic experience! I had a great time and enjoyed myself. I would definitely participate again. Thanks for the opportunity. (Preston H., Kansas City)

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. This was my first time being a part of a focus group and the entire experience exceeded my expectations. Brandon did a great job discussing the questions with me and showing me websites. I look forward to participating in more focus groups in the near future. (Sharnae M., Los Angeles)

The facilitator created a simulating conversation among the group. It was an educational, unique and interesting experience. Happy to give my opinions. (Darla C., Minneapolis)

It was my first experience and it went very smoothly. The group was well selected and interacted easily. The moderator kept the discussion on focus and gave everyone a chance to express their thoughts. (Jessica P., New York City)

My experience was great! My group was fun and pretty outspoken. My ideas were welcomed and I thought the moderator was awesome. She kept the energy level up and was very patient. (Bahiya S., Philadelphia)

This was a great experience, and would love the opportunity to attend in the future. (Mario R., Phoenix)

I found the group to be interesting. The moderator was skilled at eliciting information in relation to a topic that was slightly challenging and private. The depth of discussion and easy conversational flow of the group was a testament to her skill. (Kathleen L., San Francisco)

Thanks for providing a great breakfast, lunch and snacks. Today was interesting and fun and hope to be picked again for future studies! (Christa F., St Louis)

Everyone was so great. It was very pleasant working w everyone and sharing out opinions and ideas. (Michelle N., Teaneck)

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