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Everyone in the group was engaged in the discussion and all were courteous. It was interesting to hear different points of view. The office staff was very nice. (Kaye M., Atlanta Buckhead)

The moderator was great. Very positive and easy to talk to. Since it was a small group, it was easy to share your thoughts and hear from the others. (Mary L., Atlanta Clairmont)

Focus group was well run, organized. The session was upbeat and the moderator was well prepared and informed. The moderator made a somewhat complicated focus group easy to understand and to actively participate. (Harry F., Bala Cynwyd)

It was nice sharing my experience in designing the next state of the art device/machine. I feel that this next machine will have the potential to be very competitive by being so user friendly just at conception. I will continue to be available whenever my expertise is required. Focus Pointe Global, keep on focusing forward. (Frank P., Boston)

The moderator for my interview was wonderful. Even though the topic could have been a little uncomfortable, he was very good at making me feel at ease with it and made it enjoyable. You should use him as often as possible especially in one on one situations. (Mike M., Chicago)

Really great discussion and awesome facilitator. (Annie D., Chicago Oak Brook)

Our group was awesome! Great group of ladies and a great leader. We all had our voices heard and we all learned things we didn't know. Can't wait to participate again! (Jennifer L., Columbus)

I enjoyed the company and thought the group was exciting and fun! Can't wait to do another study. (Danielle H., Dallas)

I had a great experience at Focus Pointe Global. I hope I can participate in more studies and be of assistance in group discussions. (Shayli M., Kansas City)

Had a great time last night. The study was very enlightening and the moderator kept everything interesting. I enjoyed the fact that it was a small group as well. The perk was getting to taste the new products at the end. Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this study! (Tania F., Los Angeles)

It sincerely was a terrific and educating experience. Thank you so much for the invitation. I would happily participate again. (Brian M., New York City)

I would just like to thank you for including me and valuing the opinion of myself as well as the others I participated with. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with the moderator and the way he kept ten women engaged and under control. Thank you again! (Jennifer R., Philadelphia)

The moderator was very knowledgeable and made the group feel at ease and able to discuss the subject fully. I had a very enjoyable experience. (Vincenza D., Phoenix)

I liked that it was 90 minutes which is a great amount of time to cover material. The facilitator was excellent, friendly, and clear about allowing differences of opinion and created a very safe atmosphere to air the differences! Plus he kept us focused on the issues, which made it easy to stay on topic. When he left the room briefly to check with the people he was working for, it gave us time to talk among ourselves. All in all a great experience. Professional and amicable all around. (Linda A., San Francisco)

Fun, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere! Interesting topic! Hope to participate again. (Ameerah C., St Louis)

Love the fact you offered times in the evening! This is the first time I was able to participate for your company and it was very organized, well managed, and worth the drive! (Nicole M., Minneapolis)

Everyone at Focus Pointe was very nice. The group was nice and I enjoyed the other people in the group. The moderator was nice and bubbly and made the experience enjoyable. All in all I had a great time. Thanks so much for picking me to participate. (Aaisha A., Teaneck)

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