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The facilitator was great, and made sure everyone's opinion was heard. It was enjoyable to hear the other participants' views as well. (Kaeli T., Atlanta Buckhead)

The moderator was great. Very positive and easy to talk to. Since it was a small group, it was easy to share your thoughts and hear from the others. (Mary L., Atlanta Clairmont)

Yes, great night! Very interesting and informative. (Linda T., Bala Cynwyd)

It was really nice chatting with my colleagues as well as providing input into technology that may help our day to day duties. Thanks for the opportunity! (Vicky J., Boston)

I participated in a focus group today, and the staff made it a seamless experience! Thanks a million it was a lovely and professional experience. I'd love to participate in anything further that I qualify for. (Susanne R., Chicago)

I always enjoy my time spent at Focus Pointe Global, and this study was especially fun! Thanks for choosing me! (Patty T., Chicago - Oak Brook)

Our group was awesome! Great group of ladies and a great leader. We all had our voices heard and we all learned things we didn't know. Can't wait to participate again! (Jennifer L., Columbus)

I really enjoyed my first experience with Focus Point. The staff was so friendly, it really helped me relax and feel comfortable. I look forward to hopefully getting the opportunity to participate again in the future. (Ronnie G., Dallas)

Thought it was a fantastic experience! I had a great time and enjoyed myself. I would definitely participate again. Thanks for the opportunity. (Preston H., Kansas City)

It was a very nice experience. I was impressed with how organized and professional your team was. I'd be more than happy to participate in the future. Thank you! (Jeremy D., Los Angeles)

I really enjoyed tonight’s study. It is very important for small business owners to share their own personal experiences with other small business owners. It's also good for vendors to tailor their services for these small businesses for the good of Entrepreneurism and the economy! (Jeffrey L., New York)

I thought the group was fantastic! Very informative and I love to get to share my opinion in a group of open-minded people. The researcher was a pleasure to be in a group with as well. He made me feel comfortable and was able to really pull from us how we felt about the subject matter. I would love to participate in more. (Erica P., Philadelphia)

It was my first time doing a food tasting and enjoyed it. All the directions were clear and had a good time. Keep up the good work! (Martha M., Phoenix)

I liked that it was 90 minutes which is a great amount of time to cover material. The facilitator was excellent, friendly, and clear about allowing differences of opinion and created a very safe atmosphere to air the differences! Plus he kept us focused on the issues, which made it easy to stay on topic. When he left the room briefly to check with the people he was working for, it gave us time to talk among ourselves. All in all a great experience. Professional and amicable all around. (Linda A., San Francisco)

I always enjoy participating in these. Many times I have been introduced to a new product on the horizon. Thank you for the invitation, please invite me again. (Peggy T., St Louis)

Love the fact you offered times in the evening! This is the first time I was able to participate for your company and it was very organized, well managed, and worth the drive! (Nicole M., Minneapolis)

Everyone was so great. It was very pleasant working w everyone and sharing out opinions and ideas. (Michelle N., Teaneck)

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