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The conference room where the focus group was held was very comfortable. The focus group was interesting and the moderator did a good job gathering the information needed while giving participants an opportunity to express themselves. (Rolanda C., Atlanta Buckhead)

I enjoyed the focus group today. Since it was my first experience, I did not know what to expect. The moderator put me at ease throughout the whole session. (Georgia H., Atlanta Clairmont)

Excellent experience where I learned a lot about the topic. Excellent moderator. (Carolyn C., Bala Cynwyd)

I thought the focus group was great. It was informative and a nice way to get my opinions heard and discussed. I would be very interested in participating again. (Darah N., Boston)

The one-on-one interview was conducted in a very relaxed atmosphere and for me was more of a conversation than an interview. The moderator had me at ease from the very beginning. I hope whatever I was able to contribute will be beneficial to whomever. (Robert W., Chicago)

It was prompt, pleasant, and I believe we did a great job at conveying and expressing the information the client needed. And, the moderator was very effective, as well as personable. (Kia W., Chicago Oak Brook)

This was a great experience. I loved sitting there expressing my opinion and sharing my views with others. It was like talking with a bunch of my friends. (Tomeka H., Columbus)

Your staff was so polite. They made me feel like a part of the family. Kudos to the ladies and gent in that Dallas office. (Corlandrion D., Dallas)

My experience was delightful. I would love to participate in the future and would definitely refer friends and family as well. (Anitra C., Kansas City)

The focus group was set and conducted in a very relaxed setting. The moderator was excellent at conducting the survey and made it a very easy going atmosphere for people to feel comfortable opening up. Great overall experience. (Shona H., Los Angeles)

This was my first focus group. I enjoyed the ability to see and taste a possible new product on the market. I also liked giving feedback on the taste and packaging. I appreciated how the moderator had leading questions to help us think about different aspects of the product. (Kathy F., Minneapolis)

I always enjoy group discussion - you learn a lot and hear different takes on the subject. It was a friendly group with a sense of humor. The moderator was excellent. (Helen P., New York City)

The offices were well-appointed, the staff friendly and the refreshments a treat. The moderator was wonderful. He was easy to talk to and handled the various personality styles of the participants very well. The survey process was seamless, easy to understand and follow along. The topic was fun. All in all, it was a fantastic experience. Looking forward to many more! (Elizabeth M., Philadelphia)

The subject matter was interesting and the moderator did a great job of keeping everyone involved and under control. (Cris M., Phoenix)

I thought the moderator was great. She was very tuned into each participant, and really reached out to get all of our comments and thoughts. The time flew, and it was a very enjoyable experience helping to shape a product. Thank you for that. (Laura A., San Francisco)

The office is very easy to find. The office is clean and neat. The snacks were a nice bonus since I hadn't had time to eat dinner. The front desk staff were all very nice. The moderator was very friendly and extremely efficient on time! (Stacey G., St Louis)

The front desk staff were pleasant, the moderator was nice and engaging. The building was easy to find and the parking lot was big and right there. The building was clean and inviting. I enjoyed participating. (Gina T., Teaneck)

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