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Troubleshooting FAQs


The troubleshooting links below are designed to help with issues related to registration and participation.

If you have additional questions, please check the FAQs on our website, fill out our contact form, or email our Respondent Care Department at [email protected]. We value your opinion and look forward to your participation in our groups!

Frequently Asked Questions

I never seem to qualify for your studies.

Not everyone who registers to participate qualifies for our research projects. Our clients dictate the parameters needed for a particular study, with quotas being established for the needed demographics. Depending on the requirements for a particular study, a panelist may not pass the screening process.

Additionally, there are times when a client changes the parameters of a research project mid-way through the recruiting process. This can impact people who have already been scheduled for the project but are no longer needed for participation as the quota requirements have changed.

It is not part of our policy, nor are we under any obligation, to provide a detailed explanation as to why a participant may not meet the criteria needed for our research studies. Please be assured that Focus Pointe Global never denies participation due to race, ethnicity, disability, country of origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

I don't know my username and/or password.

Username: Your username is always your full email address.

Password: The Join Now form on our website,, requires that you create a password when you register. If you do not remember your password, we provide a Forgot Password link right below the password box on the login page. You will enter your email address (your user name) and then click on the Forgot Password link. A new temporary password will be sent to your email inbox.

Our preferred browser is Chrome, the official Google browser.

I am having trouble registering.

Below are some troubleshooting tips on the registration process:

Browsers: Different browsers “behave” differently. Although we have designed to perform consistently across all major browsers, there are sometimes issues beyond our control. Our preferred browser is Chrome, the official Google browser.

Scrolling: At the bottom of the Join Now form there is a Registration button. This button must be clicked on in order to submit your registration. We sometimes receive feedback that a user does not see the submission button. This is usually due to the need to scroll down far enough in order for it to become visible. Sometimes pages have more than one scroll bar, so that must be taken into consideration as well.

Device: is mobile-friendly and can be accessed from your phone, a tablet, or from your desktop computer at home or at work. If you are struggling with registration on your hand-held device, try registering on your desktop computer.

I missed a call from you about a study.

Research studies involve finding a group of people who represent the demographics our client has specified. A given study may have many “quotas” that must be filled. While you may have prequalified for one set of requirements, you may not be a match for another. For example, if you have qualified because you own your own home, you would not qualify for the quota of people who rent their home. Some quotas fill up quickly. If your quota has already been fully recruited, you will not be called back. 

Identifying qualified participants for a research study is an extremely time-sensitive endeavor. When a Focus Pointe Global Recruiting Representative is unable to reach you, he or she immediately moves on to the next pre-qualified candidate.

New studies are posted on our website,, as soon as they become available. We urge you to visit often and take the eligibility screeners to see if you are a candidate for a particular research study.

When you receive an email invitation from us, act on it as soon as possible. The sooner you complete the screener survey, the sooner we can call you to participate.

I was paid the wrong amount for the study I completed.

There are times when the amount credited to your prepaid Visa™ card is not the amount you were told you would receive. This occurrence is rare and is usually due to either human error in loading the card, or a misunderstanding about the study incentive.

For help with an incorrect incentive amount on your card, please email our Respondent Care Department at [email protected].

My prepaid Visa™ Card is expired.

Your prepaid Visa™ card is valid through the last day of the month printed on the front of card. Please pay particular attention to the expiration date of your Card Account. Once your Card Account expires, it will not be available for use.

The customer service number for your Visa card is 866.230.3809

Helpful tips about your prepaid Visa™ Card

Does this card expire?

Yes. Pay close attention to the expiration date printed on the front of the card. The card is valid through the last day of the month shown on the front of the card. You will not have access to the funds after expiration.

I noticed this is a DEBIT account. Do I need a PIN number to make a purchase?

Transactions may be processed as Credit or Debit. Visit the website listed on the back of your card to retrieve a PIN for debit purchases. No PIN is required for credit purchases.

How do I use my card at a gas station?

Present your card to an attendant inside the station as your card will not work at the pump.

I am unable to use my card – what should I do?

- If a cardholder is having difficulty using the card, please confirm that the cardholder is not trying to spend more than the available balance.

- If a cardholder is still having difficulty using their card, please have them call Customer Service for cardholder assistance – the number is printed on the back of all cards.

My card has been lost or stolen, how do I obtain a replacement?

Report a compromised card by calling Cardholder Services at 866-230-3809. Your card will be closed and blocked from future purchases. We will reissue you a new card for the unused balance, less the card reissue fee.

I returned an item that was purchased on my card. When will my credit register in my account?

If a cardholder returns an item for a credit to their account, this credit can take up to 3-5 business days to register back to the cardholder’s account.

I notice charges on my card that I did not make, how do I dispute these charges?

If a cardholder disagrees with a charge on their account, the cardholder can call 866-230-3809 and inform the Customer Service Representative they are calling to dispute a charge. The cardholder will receive an affidavit via fax or mail which will require a signature by the cardholder. A resolution will be made within 60-90 days from the date the affidavit is received by the disputes department.

Where can I see my transaction purchases?

Cardholders can check their card balance and transactions at or call 866-230-3809. You will be able to print statements and access all of your transaction history.

Customer Service: Cardholder balance, transaction inquiry or merchant disputes: 866-230-3809