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How it Works

How it Works

Marketing Research is gathering, collecting, and analyzing the opinions of individuals to reach a decision about a product or service. Focus Pointe Global has been conducting marketing research studies for thirty years, and is regarded as one of the top research companies in the country today. Every research group that we hold has very specific requirements to make sure we gather the best information possible for our clients.

The opinions you share help companies improve their products, services, and brand imaging. 
Getting involved in marketing research is as easy as creating an account and taking an eligibility screener that will determine if your experiences with certain products or services are a match to the research we are conducting. Sign up today and check out the available studies in your area!

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Paid focus groups, interviews , and online surveys are legitimate ways to earn extra spending money.



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The opinions you give in focus groups and marketing research help businesses make their products better.


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You get to test new products - phones, food and more!- before they make it to market. Plus, earn $75-150 for your time
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