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Our Standards

FPG - Research Industry Standards


Focus Pointe Global is a company which helps researchers listen to and access people's opinions. Focus Pointe Global is a member of the Council of American Survey Research Organizations ( and complies with research industry standards, best practices, and relevant laws. We believe that legitimate research is a vital part of society because when people give their opinions, they can help shape, improve, and create products, services, programs, and policies that impact people, society, and the world we live in. 

How We Contact You


When you register via this website to take part in paid marketing research opportunities, your contact information is entered into our panel of participants. Based on the information you provide by filling out your Personal Profile, you will receive email invitations that contain a screener link to determine your eligibility for that particular research study. If you complete the screener successfully, you may receive a phone call from one of our marketing research recruiters, who will ask you some more questions. If you complete the screener but are not called, this means that the research segment you fall into, called a "quota," has already been filled.

Sometimes, you may be called directly by a recruiter even though you did not receive an email or complete a screener. This can happen when timing is an issue, or if you have already participated in a similar study and we feel you are a good fit for the current research we are conducting. In these cases, you will be screened over the phone to determine whether you are a match for the research study.

Focus Pointe Global only calls panel members who have registered with us to participate in research, and have agreed to our Terms of Use.  There are some cases, however, when a list of potential research candidates is supplied to us by the client conducting the research. In these cases, the list has been vetted by the client.

The "Do Not Call" List

The US Federal Do Not Call List applies to telemarketers, telemarketing, and sellers or promoters of goods and services. Focus Pointe Global only conducts legitimate marketing, survey, and opinion research and is therefore excluded from coverage.

Even though our company is exempt, it is never our intention to call anyone who doesn’t wish to be contacted, and so FPG regularly screens our panel members against the Do Not Call List. Please be aware that if you have registered with the US Federal Do Not Call list, you may be contacted by us to be sure that you do, indeed, consent to be called for marketing research opportunities.

How to Opt Out

We appreciate your participation in our research and we value your opinion. But if you do not want to participate in the future, we of course understand and respect your decision.

To opt out of being emailed or called for research opportunities, please click here.
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