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Research Types

Research Types

There are many ways for you to participate in paid marketing research with Focus Pointe Global. Click on the bold text below to expand any section and view details and average reward information.

Online Focus Groups

Similar to a Focus Group, a group of individuals log on to a website at a predetermined time, and participate in a moderated discussion about a product or service. Online Focus Groups occasionally use web cam technology and often require a telephone.

Focus Groups

A focus group gathers a diverse group of individuals, usually 8 or more, to participate in a moderated discussion about a product or service. Focus Groups occasionally use dial test technology, where individuals react to and rate different media using a hand-held electronic device.


Shop Alongs

A marketing research professional accompanies an individual on a shopping trip for a particular type of product to observe and ask questions about the decision-making process.

In-Person Surveys

An individual completes a survey in a Focus Pointe Global facility, either on paper or on a computer, with the assistance of a moderator.

Home-Based Interviews

A marketing research professional visits an individual’s home and asks questions about a particular product or service. Occasionally, home-based interviews include an observation of the individual interacting with a product or service.

One-on-One Interviews

An individual is interviewed, either in-person or on the phone, by a marketing research professional about concepts and ideas related to a product or service.

Recurring Online Surveys

For this type of Online Survey, an individual responds several times, usually weeks or months apart, and answers a series of predetermined questions designed to track the changes in their opinions.

Small Group Discussions

In this type of marketing research project, a small group of individuals, usually 2 or 3, participate in a moderated discussion about a product or service.

Online Communities

An individual becomes a member of a specific Online Community about a topic, brand, or product and logs in several times a week, over the course of months or years, to respond to questions and take short surveys. Rewards vary depending on the sponsor and topic and generally come in the form of gift cards, coupons, and prizes.

Mystery Shopping

Anonymous “shoppers” pose as ordinary customers and evaluate the business based on service, cleanliness, food quality and other factors that the client may require. As a mystery shopper you would receive complete guidelines for each shop that you choose to accept. Average shop time is between 1 and 2 hours. 

Online Bulletin Boards

For an Online Bulletin Board, an individual logs on to a website at a convenient time, and answers questions posted by a marketing research professional while reading and responding to the comments of other participants.

Product Testing

An individual is given a product to test and is later asked to share their options via questionnaire or group discussion. 

Online Product Review

An individual is sent a product, free of charge, to test and submit an honest online review.
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