Eligibility Process

Marketing research revolves around gathering the opinions of individuals that either use or do not use certain products and services to gain insights into consumer trends. Each group that Focus Pointe Global holds has specific profile requirements to ensure that we gather the very best information possible for our industry clients. Our industry clients pass this on to you by improving their products, services, and brand imaging!

To participate in a research study with us, you must pass 4 stages of screening.

Stage 1: Eligibility

At this stage, you take a short screening survey that helps us learn whether the products, services, and brands you're familiar with fit the research we're conducting. If your answers match the profile we need and the group you fall into isn't full, you'll move on to Verification. If the research is online, you may continue immediately.

Stage 2: Verification

At this stage, you will speak with a Focus Pointe Global representative, who will verify the answers you gave in your Eligibility Survey and who might ask additional questions relevant to the research. If your answers match the profile we need,  the group you fall into isn't full, and you are available when the research is taking place, you will move on to Confirmation.

Stage 3: Confirmation

At this stage, Focus Pointe Global Recruiters work behind the scenes to review all potential candidates and pick those who best match the profile we need for the research. If you are chosen to participate, you will receive a Confirmation Email with Participation Information.

Stage 4: Participation

At this stage, you will come to a designated meeting spot to share your opinions. *Please note: You will verify your profile once more with a Customer Service Representative when you get to the focus group facility.

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