Online Focus Pointes™ Program

Collect Pointes for Online Studies!

For our panel members who complete Online Surveys, we reward participation with Online Focus Pointes™.

100 Online Pointes™ are equal to one dollar. When you have accrued 2,000 Online Pointes™ you may request payment. You may also request payment after three months, even if you have accumulated less than 2,000 Online Focus Pointes.™ The average incentive is between 100 and 1000 Pointes, which translates to $1 to $10. Payment will be made in the form of a prepaid Visa™ debit card. 

You may view your accumulated Pointes by logging into and going to My Account > Participation Information > Online Studies. This is also where you will have the option to request payment.

When you request payment you will receive an email that will tell you how to redeem your prepaid Visa™ card. You will have the option to receive either a virtual card or a physical card. Virtual cards may be used online for purchases immediately, while physical cards are mailed to you within 7-10 business days and can be used wherever Visa™ is accepted.

The Online Focus Pointe™ Program is for Online Surveys only. Eligibility Surveys for focus groups and other types of studies do not use the Online Focus Pointes™ Program. Eligibility Surveys (Screeners) are taken to see if you qualify for a focus group or other type of in-person or telephone interview and are not considered to be an Online Survey.

As always, every time you take a Focus Pointe Global Online Survey, you receive one entry into the Focus Pointe Global Monthly Sweepstakes.

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